Will I be okay?

Most people hesitate when it comes to following their heart and pursuing their dreams. I know that I did. I hesitated for years before I finally decided to take action. And I think I know why most people hesitate.  It’s because there’s a little question that’s rattling around inside their brain. And that question is: “Will I be okay?” See, most people want some sort of assurance that everything will turn out okay before they take action on their dreams. They want to know that everything will be okay for themselves (and perhaps their loved ones) before they step off of their safe, secure path. They don’t want to give up their comfort if they don’t know what they’ll receive in return. But life doesn’t work that way. You have to take the risk BEFORE you can find out how things will turn out. And a life without lots of risks is ultimately no life at all. I often return to this words of Scott Peck from his classic book The Road Less Traveled:
“Move out or grow in any dimension and pain as well as joy will be your reward. A full life will be full of pain. But the only alternative is not to live fully or not to live at all.”
So will you be okay if you follow your heart and pursue your dreams? I don’t know. But I do know this. I do know that failing to pursue your dreams leads to a kind of inner death. That you can only ignore that small voice inside of you for so long. And let’s face it. You came here for a reason. There’s something that you want, something that you’re looking for. Can I help you find what you’re looking for? I don’t know. But I do know that the only way to find out is for you and I to talk. And that’s all that it is. A talk.
  • Maybe you and I will have an amazing conversation and we’ll decide we want to work together.
  • Maybe I’ll decide that someone else can help you better than I can and I’ll give you a referral.
  • Maybe I’ll send you some information that will help you move forward.
  • Maybe you’ll decide that your best course of action is signing up for my DARE TO DREAM BIG MASTERCLASS.
The only way to find out is by talking with me. So how about it? How about taking a small risk today towards following your heart and pursuing your dreams?

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