What will your wake up call be?

Last week I turned 49 years old.

A few days after that, a friend of my wife’s died unexpectedly.

My wife’s friend was 55 years old when he died, only 6 years older than I am. 

This is a wake up call for me.  

Yes, I can make excuses.

I can say that both my grandfathers lived into their 70s, my grandmothers into their 90s.

That my parents are both still alive, my mom 74, my dad 78. 

That I obviously have a several more decades to live.

The truth though is that I have no idea how much time I have left before I die. 

None of us does.

Meanwhile we get these wake up calls all the time.

A wake up call doesn’t have to be a death.

It could be any sort of ending, loss, or transition that gives us the opportunity to examine how we’ve been living our lives.

An illness. A job loss or retirement. Moving to a new city. The end of a relationship.

Most of the times we ignore these wake up calls.

We want to keep living the small, safe secure life that we have.

We say no, we say I can’t, we say I won’t.

But we are called over and over and over again.

Called to live a larger life, a more authentic life, a life full of purpose and meaning.

A life that´s true to who we are.

So are you ready to answer the call?

The call to deeply examine the life you’ve been living…and make the changes needed to step into a bigger vision of that life?

If so, then let’s talk.

Just click below to apply for your complimentary Discovery Session.

We’ll talk for 30-45 minutes about your biggest struggles and challenges. 

And how I can help you overcome those struggles and challenges so that you can live life more authentically.

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