The worst part of being an employee

Before starting my coaching business, I spent 10+ years as an employee.

Working for someone else.

In my opinion, this was the worst part of being an employee: 

My time wasn’t my own.

I HAD to be at work, every day M-F from 9-5:30.

It didn’t matter if I actually had any work to do.

I had to be at work.

It didn’t matter if there were other things that I wanted to do that day.

I had to be at work.

It didn’t matter if I wanted to spend two hours in the middle of the day running errands.

I had to be at work.

Day after day after day after day.

In essence, I had given up complete control of my life.

If I wanted time off, I had to ask permission like I was a 5 year old.

It’s a strange arrangement if you think about it.

We give up our most precious commodities (our time and freedom) in exchange for what?

Money? A bit of security?

Honestly, I don’t know.

There are definite challenges to running my own business.

But at least my time is my own.

In fact, next week I’m heading to South Carolina to visit my sister and her family for two weeks.

And I didn’t have to ask permission.

I just decided to do it.

If you’re like most people (and how I used to be), then someone else owns your time.

So here’s what I want to ask you:

How do you feel about someone else owning your time?

Personally, I couldn’t handle it.

I needed to own my time.

But you’re not me, and you should answer that question for yourself.

Take some time, reflect on it, journal about it:

And if you’re tired of someone else owning your time, then let’s talk.

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