September 2019 Income Report

Between my July 2019 and August 2019, my affiliate marketing income nearly doubled from $291.63 to $577.50. This was the type of progress that I was hoping for when I launched my affilaite marketing business. So how did I do in September 2019, my 3rd month of affilaite marketing?


AppSumo - 399.75

Although September was still a good month for my AppSumo sales, they did decline from $3,125 to $2,439. That $2,439 in sales resulted in a payment of $349.75. 

I also received a one-time bonus payment of $50 for bringing two brand-new customers to AppSumo.

Other - $0

I have actually sold a couple of copies of Elementor and one of SocialBee. However, I haven’t sold enough to meet their minimum payment threshold. So I will have to keep promoting those products so that I can unlock those payments. 

Total - $399.75

This was obviously a disappointing month for me. I mistakenly believed that my affiiate marketing income would continue to increase. Obviously, I knew that there would be some ups and downs. But I wasn’t expecting my income to drop by 30.8% this early in the journey. 

What's Next

I released a free guide for building your email list. One of the things that I’ve realized is that – in order to be successful at affiliate marketing –  I will need to build an email list. So I put together this guide based on everything I learned about building an email list from when I worked as a career coach. 

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