Normalizing Depression (plus 11 tips for moving forward in life)

I was recently asked the following question by one of my readers:

“I currently am going through major depression. I do not have support from my family and friends. Life feels meaningless right now. How do I keep going or find a reason just to get through a day?”.

This is my attempt to answer her question and to honor her struggles. 

My goal with this video is to show that depression is a 100% normal experience, something that everyone struggles with at some point in their life.

I also give 11 tips for moving forward in life when you’re struggling with depression.

And if you’re not struggling with depression right now….I think you’ll still find value in the video and the 11 tips.

Most of my tips that I share have one thing in common: building connection.

Connection with yourself, connection with others, connection with something larger than you.

Connection helps with more than depression…it’s also what you need to build a meaningful life.

And who doesn’t want that???!!!

So check out the video below to hear my thoughts on depression and learn the 11 tips for moving forward in life.

Here are some recommended books for those who are struggling with depression:

Of course, there are many other excellent books and resources on depression but these are ones that I have personally read. 

Finally, if you know someone who is struggling with depression, I would appreciate it if you shared my video with them. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks Ed for a thoughtful video and your tips for moving through depression. May everyone who struggles find some peace and respite every day.

    1. Thank you for your positive comment Adele!!!

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