My secret desire for you is this…

My secret desire for you is this…

I have something I want to tell you.

Honestly, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this to you.

See, I have a secret desire for you.

But I’m not ready to tell you what it is just yet. You’re going to have to read a bit more first…

Like any business owner, I have competition.

And some of my competition comes from the so-called “lifestyle gurus” or “lifestyle coaches”.

Most of them don’t actually use those phrases to describe what they do.

But that’s essentally what they’re selling.

A lifestyle.

A lifestyle of fun and ease and wine in Paris and margaritas on the beach in Mexico.

That’s what they want for you, that’s what they’ll help you get if you work with them.

Sounds wonderful right?

But I want something completely different for you.

Here’s what I want for you instead, here’s my secret desire for you:

I want you to have a hard, difficult, challenging life.


Let me explain.

You can’t accomplish anything worthwhile in life, you can’t grow as a person, you can’t make a difference in the world, without pain, and difficulties, and challenges.

Lots and lots and lots of them.

The great Scott Peck said it best when he wrote: “Move out and grow in any dimension and pain as well as joy will be your reward. A full life will be full of pain. But the only alternative is to not live fully or to not live at all”.

Think about anyone whom you deeply respect and admire. What kind of life do they lead? A life of fun and ease and wine in Paris and margaritas on the beach in Mexico? Or a life of meaning and contribution and purpose and pain and difficulties and challenge?

So that’s it, that’s my secret desire for you. Yes, I want pain and difficulties and challenges for you. But it’s because I ALSO want you to have a life full of meaning and contribution and purpose as well.

And for me it starts with purpose. It starts with knowing and living your life purpose.

So if you’re ready I have a brand new, free course that you can sign up for.

The course is called MAN ON PURPOSE and you’ll receive all 7 lessons directly to your inbox. At the end of the course, you can also gain access to a free guidebook with several life purpose exercises.

So what are you waiting for? Just click here to sign up for the free course.

Connect with you soon,

Ed Herzog
M.A, Counseling Psychology
Board Certified Coach

P.S. BTW, I’m all for fun and ease as a PART of life, but not as the center of your life. You need to have purpose as the center of your life. Here’s the link to the free course again.

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