3 Meditation Tips for Busy People

Are you intrigued by meditation but feel that you don’t have 30 or more minutes a day to dedicate to a formal meditation practice? If it seems like you’ll never find the time to meditate, then this post is for you!

What Type of Meditation

If you’re going to start a meditation practice, then you first have to chose which type you want to focus on.

I’m not going to discuss all the different types in this post because I found a post on another blog that covers the various types of meditation in depth.

Click here if you want to read about 23 different types of meditation.

By the way, most meditation experts suggest picking one type and sticking with it for a while. Of course, if you’re just starting out, you may want to experiment a bit to find one that resonates with you.

The Benefits of Meditation

I’m also not going to discuss the benefits of meditation. If you’re reading this post, then you probably already know that meditation has lots of positive benefits.

And if you’re not aware of the benefits, then click here to read about 10 science based reasons to start meditating.

Meditating When You Don’t Have Time: Three Meditation Tips

So what do you do, when you feel that there’s just no time in the day to build a regular meditation practice. One that involves meditating for 30 or more minutes a day. Here are three meditation tips for busy people:

Start Where You Can

The best way is to start small and simple and build from there.

Meditation is ultimately like exercise. Sure, it’s great if you can do 30 minutes a day. But just like five minutes of exercise is better than 0 minutes of exercise, five minutes of meditation is better than 0 minutes of meditation.

And guess what? Doing five minutes of meditation a day is easy! Just set your alarm to go off five minutes earlier and commit to using that time to meditate, to calming your mind and energy.

Or you can go to bed a few minutes earlier and use that time to meditate.

Or you can meditate five times a day, one minute each time.

Ultimately what matters is that you’re building your “meditation muscle”, and creating the habit of meditating on a regular basis.

Reverse The Focus

The idea that you don’t have time to mediate, that you’re simply too busy, is an appealing one.

But what happens if you reverse the focus?

What if the truth is that you’re too busy NOT too meditate?

Think about it. If you’re so busy, then you’re much more likely to benefit from meditation.

And by being calmer and more focused, you can probably be much more efficient in all your busyness. And if you’re more efficient, you may end up completing tasks quicker and having more free time.

So instead of viewing meditation as something that will take away your already limited time, maybe the truth is that by meditating you’ll have MORE time!

Use Mindfulness With Regular, Daily Activities

Mindfulness is a particular type of meditation that involves bringing present moment awareness to what’s going on around you.

With mindfulness, the key is to keep bringing your attention back to the present moment, whenever you find it wandering elsewhere.

The great thing about mindfulness is that it can be incorporated into many activities that you’re already doing!

Here are a few examples:

  • While taking a shower, you can pay attention to the sensation of the water as it hits your body.
  • While eating, you can slow down, paying attention to the flavor and/or the texture of the food in your mouth.
  • Whenever the phone rings, you can close your eyes and focus on the in and out of your breath for a few seconds before answering the phone.

Ultimately, mindfulness can be incorporated into just about any daily activity.

The examples above are a few options for trying it out and getting started.

You may find that as you become more mindful, you’ll naturally start incorporating it into more and more daily activities.


If you’ve been wanting to start a meditation practice, then there’s no time like the present! And no matter how busy you are, there are always ways to begin meditating.

Above are a few tips for getting you started. Feel free to leave additional ideas in the comments below. What advice would you give someone who said they were too busy to start a meditation practice?

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  1. Beautifully presented, and useful! I’m now gonna click on that 23 ways to meditate post, just to see how many of them I’ve learned, and to see what else there is that I’d like to learn.


    1. Thanks for the positive comment Sue! And I hope you found the linked article helpful as well. Definitely one of the better presentations of different types of meditation that I’ve encountered.

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