Listening to My Heart

Listening to My Heart

I am writing this blog post in order to make a major announcement.

But first, I want to set the stage.

As you may recall, during the month of May, I gave away 30 free coaching sessions.

Honestly, I wish I had done so a LONG time ago.

Giving away these 30 sessions, and working with a wide variety of clients on a wide variety of issues really helped me clarify where my energy is drawn and who I want to serve in my coaching business.

The truth though is that I was still feeling a bit stuck after those 30 sessions.

I was finding that there were a two different groups of people that I wanted to serve.

And I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to manage serving two different groups of people.

Still, I plunged ahead and earlier this month I was making some updates to my website.

And I wrote the words “listening to your heart”.

That’s when I stopped cold.

Because I realized that while I was encouraging others to listen to their hearts, I wasn’t listening to my own.

The truth is that while there were two different groups of people that I was interested in serving, there was one group that I was feeling called to serve.

And that feeling was coming from deep in my heart, from deep in my bones.

Which meant that I needed to listen to it.

And so…the group that I feel called to serve is…MEN.

Now obviously saying that I’m feeling called to serve men can mean a lot of different things.

So I’ll get into the specifics of what that means in a moment.

First though, I want to address the women who are reading this message.

You may be wondering, what’s in this for me? Great question!

Here’s what I feel I have to offer the women who are reading this:

  • While my coaching services will primarily be focused on men, I do still hope to work with a few, select women. And if we’ve already talked about working together in the future, that offer still stands. I take my commitments very importantly!
  • Every woman who is reading this message interacts with men on a daily basis, so I hope that you’ll gain value from reading and learning about men and our unique challenges and struggles.
  • In many ways, it’s impossible to talk about men without also talking about women. So while I will be focusing on men, I will hardly be ignoring women.
  • I honestly need your input. I need input from women on what your greatest challenges and struggles are with the men in your life.
  • Finally, I also hope that you’ll help me out and spread the word about my new focus. Let your partners, your sons, your fathers, your friends, your employees, your bosses know about what I have to offer and how I can help them.

Based on all of that, I hope that the women who are reading this will realize that they have a LOT to gain from my new focus!!!

Why I decided to focus on serving men

Now, you may be wondering why I decided to focus on serving men.

A few years ago, when I decided to become an entrepreneur and a life coach, I noticed something immediately.

There are a lot of female entrepreneurs who focus their services on women.

In a Facebook group of entrepreneurs in which I participate, I asked why that is.

Here are a few of the responses that I received:

  • “I think it is part comfort level, part relatability, and part belief that women tend to be less empowered by the world at large so they are in more need of being served.”
  • “I choose to work with women, because i can relate to the needs and experience of a human soul in a female body, which comes with specific energetic, emotional, physical, communication needs, etc.”
  • “Women don’t have the same options & so instead of fighting one another these ladies are banding together to help one another.”

These are all obviously valid reasons for why some female entrepreneurs choose to focus on other women.

What’s interesting though is that you don’t see a lot of the opposite…you don’t see a lot male entrepreneurs who focus their services on men. (when they do, they tend to focus on somewhat superficial issues such as “how to attract women” or “how to make more money”).

That distinction between male and female entrepreneurs has intrigued me for a long time.

My guess is that male entrepreneurs (at least the more evolved ones, which hopefully includes me!) are afraid of focusing on their services on other men because they don’t want to be seen as discriminating against women, because they don’t want to be seen as shutting doors on women.

I understand that, and I have a bit of that fear myself.

But the truth is this…I am one person and I can’t serve everyone.

I have to serve those who I am best able to serve, those who most need me.

And as I went through the 30 free sessions, I realized how much of a need there is for men serving other men from a place of deep authenticity.

And just a woman can best “relate to the needs and experience of a human soul in a female body, which comes with specific energetic, emotional, physical, communication needs”, the same is 100% true for me as a man.

Men need each other. We need to talk with each other.  We need to open up to one another. We need to connect with one another at a deep, authentic level.

I want to help men become grow into powerful leaders and role models, I want to help men develop loving, life affirming relationships. I want to help men live into intention, integrity, and courage.

I believe men need these things and I believe that the world needs these things from men.

And so this is why I have decided to serve men.

What all this means for the men who are reading this

As part of my new focus on men, I have a lot of exciting materials, coaching services, and live events in development.

Here is some of what I have planned:

  • I am developing a free 8 day course on Authentic Masculinity. This course will be available to people who sign-up to my email list. And, of course, I will also make it available to everyone who is already on my email list.
  • I will be developing a series of free webinars (monthly, or bi-monthly) that will focus on the particular issues, needs, and struggles of men.
  • I will be starting a weekly podcast where I talk to other experts about issues that directly affect men – work/career, relationships, the inner life of men, social issues, etc.
  • I am developing a series of coaching services that are focused exclusively on men.

Details on all of the above and more will be forthcoming!

So that’s it!

That’s my major announcement.

I know that I am thrilled about my new direction and excited to see where it leads.

I hope you are as well.

And honestly, I would love it if you posted your thoughts, comments, and questions below!

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