Life Is Easy. Why Do We Make It So Hard?

Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?

That’s the idea presented in the video below, a video that I urge you to watch when you have time.

The video is 15 minutes long but even if you only watch a few minutes of it, I think you’ll find great value in it.

Though I hope once you start watching, you’ll want to see the whole thing.

Of course, the idea that life is easy, isn’t a universally accepted one. After all, the Buddha is famous for having said “Life is suffering”.

And psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, author of the best-seller The Road Less Traveled, opened his book with the words “Life is difficult”.

So which is it? Is life easy? Is it suffering? Is it difficult?

I suppose it can be any of those things depending on your perspective and where you choose to focus your energy.

For today though, let’s assume that the speaker is right and that life is easy.

Here then is your challenge for today: What is one change that you could make in your life in order to make it easier?

And when do you plan on making that change?

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