Do you know the true cost of doing nothing?

Back when I was in graduate school for public policy, we were taught how to analyze the effects of government policy changes.

We were taught to always include the option of “doing nothing” in our analyses; after all, there’s no requirement that the government introduce a new policy or change an existing policy.

Doing nothing is always an option.

The same is true in your life.

If you’re thinking about making a major life change (or even a minor one), then one option you have is doing nothing.

You always have the option of staying on the path that you’re already on.

But let’s take a look at how that will probably turn out.

Because there is a cost to doing nothing, and it’s a pretty big cost.


If you’re like most people who are reading this, then your life isn’t too bad.

Granted, you may not have the life that you really, truly want.

But you probably have a place to live, food to eat, some decent creature comforts, a job that pays that bills, etc.

Your life could be a lot worse, couldn’t it?

Except…couldn’t it also be better?

A lot better?

  • Instead of trudging off to work, trudging off to a job that you hate or barely tolerate, couldn’t you be spending that time doing something that you’re truly passionate about, something that resonates with your heart and soul?
  • Instead of living your life for other people, sacrificing what you truly want in life, couldn’t you be living the life that you want, a life that’s true to who you are?
  • Instead of feeling that you’re wasting your life, doing things that don’t truly matter to you, couldn’t you be living a life that DOES matter to you and that makes a difference in the world?

This, then, is the true cost of doing nothing.

You wait around, hoping that someday things will get better, hoping that somehow you’ll you magically figure things out.

And try to convince yourself that the life you currently have isn’t that bad.

All the while, living a life that’s NOT true to who you are.

Instead of taking action, instead of taking some risks.

And in the process, you lose your life.

Your one, wild and precious life.

Basically, the most important thing that you have.

And honestly, the only thing that you really, truly have.

Look, I get it. You’re afraid, afraid to make a change. Or maybe you’re not sure what you want in life.

But either way you have to start somewhere.

You have to start by finding your life purpose.

A great purpose.

And then build a life that is infused with that great purpose.

If you’re ready to get started, then check out the 10 Powerful Questions for Discovering Your Life Purpose!

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Awesome program Ed! Many people don’t realize that taking one small step like this and leaning into the direction of change can open a new world of knowledge and courage.

    Thankfully I finally had the courage a few years ago to release what no longer served me in both a relationship and corporate job that paid well but provided no meaning. I took some chances and moved forward to start my own business helping other business grow using a skill set I brought with me from my corporate background.

    Not always easy and I’m still learning to navigate the uncertainty, but I know if I stick with it, take steps forward every day in the direction I want my business to move, I will achieve success…as I define it not as others define it for me. It’s an awesome feeling!

    I agree with you – whether you decide to do nothing or something, you still made a choice.
    My mother used to tell me that she didn’t know what to do about decisions that faced her, so she most often decided to do nothing and just wait. The results were not usually good.
    I would tell her that to do nothing is to make a choice but she didn’t see it that way. Being stuck is a difficult place to be – taking a step, any step, at least helps you to feel like you have some control over your life and you’re directing it. Even if you chose “wrong”, at least you learned something and you can make better choices for the next step.

    I do this for small businesses now and many of them struggle with the same issue – most end up staying small and never really get the success and profits they deserve. The pull back when they get fearful or short on cash flow. It’s a knee-jerk reaction and so they do nothing. Eventually, the thing they most feared “going out of business” befalls them exactly because they didn’t know what to do, didn’t ask for advice and weren’t willing to invest in themselves and their business. It’s always sad to see someone lose out on their dreams.

    Good luck with this much need program and hoping that many new dreams come from those that take this journey with you.

    Kathy D’Agostino

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    1. Thanks Kathy! I appreciate the support and the detailed comment.

      I think we all get stuck by fear from time to time. I remember several years back, spending months agonizing over a decision, afraid to commit to a path. What I eventually learned is basically the same thing you said about: any step forward is better than staying stuck. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck for a long, long time and end up wasting your life.

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