Is Elementor Pro Worth It?

Since it’s release in May 2016, Elementor has quickly become one of the most popular WordPress plugins, with over 2 million active installations.

In addition to the free version which is available in the WordPress Plugin repository, Elementor also sells a Pro version. 

The Pro version comes with a lot more features than the free version including:

  • 50+ Advanced widgets
  • Popup Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder + 15 shop widgets
  • Dynamic fields and custom field integration
  •  Ability to design your header, footer, blog page, and 404 page
  •  24/7 Customer Suppoer

There are 3 different Pro plans

  • single site license for $49 per year
  • 3 site license for $99  per year 
  • 1,000 site license for $199 per year

Now, you can certainly do a LOT of amazing things with the free version of Elementor. Which means that a lot of people wonder: “Do I need the Pro version of Elementor? 

In other words…

Is Elementor Pro Worth It?

Which is the question I’m going to attempt to answer.

First of all, I’m not a professional web designer.  

But I’ve built multiple websites using both the free version of Elementor as well as the Pro version (including this site, which was built with the Pro version). 

So I have some experience with the issue.

What I’ve found is that when I build a website using the free version of Elementor, I can create about 80–90% of what I want. 

But that last 10–20% always causes me problems. 

I end up wasting time, trying to find some other WordPress plugin that mimics a feature from Elementor Pro.

What’s great about Elemenor Pro is not just that you get more features. But that everything is integrated. 

So you’re using one system, instead of using the free version of Elementor + several other plugins. Not only will you get all the amazing features of Elementor Pro, you’l save time, avoid problems and issues, etc.

So here’s how I see things:

  • If you’re doing any sort of complex web design, Elementor Pro is probably essential.
  • If you want to save time (and hence money), when you’re designing a website, then you’ll probably want Elementor Pro.
  • If you want to avoid aggravation from plugin conflicts or free plugins no longer being updated, then you’ll want to buy Elementor Pro.
  • If you want/need support from Elementor, then you’ll need Elementor Pro.

Bottom Line: Is Elementor Pro Worth It?

If your website is “just a hobby” then I think the free version is fine. 

But if your website is related to your business, then I believe that you’re best off with the Pro version. And that Elementor Pro is absolutely “worth it”!

I’ve got a fuller video on the issue here:

BUY NOW: If you’re ready to upgrade to Elementor Pro, just click here. 

(This is an affiliate link. If you find value in my review of Elementor, then consider supporting me by buying via my link. You will pay nothing additional and I will receive a small commission. Thanks for your support!)

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