27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

simple ways to increase online sales

Introduction: 27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

Do you want to increase online sales of your products or services? Chances are, your answer to that question was a resounding YES!!!

After all, what business doesn’t want to increase sales of their products or services? 

You hopefully believe in what you’re selling. So when you increase your sales, you make more money AND you help more people. 

But how? 

How can you increase online sales of your products or services? 

How do you stand out when there are millions of online businesses throughout the world that are also trying to increase their online sales?

In the following post, I’m going to give you 27 simple ways to increase online sales (+ 7 bonus tips). 

Each strategy includes a list of links where you can get more information on how to implement that particular strategy.

You don’t have to implement all of these strategies to increase online sales of your products or services. 

Instead, pick a few of them to focus on. 

Master those strategies, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll increase online sales of your products or services.

So are you ready to learn 27 simple ways to increase online sales??? Let’s do this!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Throughout this post, I have recommended tools that can help you implement the various ways to increase online sales. These are affiliate links which means that if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to make free content. I only recommend tools that I have personally used and love. Thank you for your support!

Table of Contents

Get a Free PDF of the 27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

Includes all the tips + links to additional resource to help you increase online sales.

Get a Free PDF of the 27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

Includes all the tips + links to additional resource to help you increase online sales.

#1 - Increase the Length of Your Guarantee

Nothing builds trust more than offering a money-back guarantee. And trust is crucial if you want to increase online sales. 

And the longer the guarantee that you offer, the more trust that you build up with potential customers. 

Some experts even suggest that you give your guarantee a name, to help you stand out from your competition.

(Of course, you also have to stand behind your guarantee. If you offer a “no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee, then make sure you refund customers’ money immediately, without asking any questions!).

Now, you may be thinking: “If I offer a longer guarantee, I’ll increase online sales. But I’ll also have to issue more refunds.”

That’s not necessarily true. Copywriter Josh Earl, fox example, has found that longer guarantees have resulted in FEWER refunds.

Not bad, huh? With a longer guarantee, you can make more money upfront. And you can “lose” less money later on to refunds.

Read more about Josh Earl’s experiences with guarantees and refunds here:

#2 - Ask for Feedback

Lots of people hate asking for feedback (I know I do!). 

But if you want your online business to be successful, then you need to learn how to ask feedback. 

And you also need to learn how to use that feedback to improve your product, improve how you present your product, improve your customer service, etc. 

Because having a better product, having a better presentation of your product, and having better customer service will all increase online sales.  

You should make sure to ask for feedback from both customers and non-customers. 

Customers made the decision to buy from you. So they can tell you what led them to make that decision. 

Non-customers (for example, people on your email list who chose not to buy from you) can tell you the opposite – what were the reasons that they decided NOT to buy your product or service.

If you need help with what to ask your current customers, check out the following posts:

For interacting with non-customers, check out these posts:

Finally, these articles can help you decide HOW to gather feedback from customers and non-customers. 

increase online sales

#3 - Run A/B Tests on Your Sales Page

No matter how much time or money you spend on designing your sales page, you can always improve it. 

And the best way to improve your sales page is by testing it against a similar alternative.

Generally, you only want to test one element at a time – for example, the color of your button, the headline text, the text on your button, etc. 

That way you know exactly what led to an increase in online sales (or a decrease). 

So you create one page with a blue button. And you create another page with a red button. Or you change the text in the headline.

Then you test the two pages against one another to see which one does better.

In order to properly run A/B testing of your sales page, you’ll need to use a tool. Here are a few lists of some of the best tools that you can use:

These two posts can help you decide what to test on your sales page:

#4 - Improve Your Website Experience

Nothing turns a potential customer off more than a poor website experience – slow loading pages, difficult navigation, too many popups, etc. 

So one of the best ways to increase online sales is to optimize your website experience as much as possible.

So how do you do that? Quite simply, you have to ask for feedback on your website! 

Ask friends, family, colleagues. Ask in internet forums, ask in a Facebook group. Whatever it takes.

You can also ask your website visitors directly. There articles can help: 

Of course, lots of people don’t like to be critical. So they may not give you the feedback that you need. 

One way to get around this is to pay someone to give you an in-depth review of your website. Check out this article for more information:

Alternatively, you could follow true and tried website experience practices. 

Check out these articles for more information:

Recommended Tool: If you want to improve the speed of your website, my recommended tool is WP-Rocket. (affiliate link). I use it on my website and I have seen drastic improvements in website speed.

#5 - Offer a Free Trial

Sometimes potential customers need to experience your product or service before they decide to buy from you. Offering them a free trial is just the way to do that. 

The free trial allows them to make an informed decision. And can also lead to increased customer satisfaction. 

Free trials generally won’t work with physical products. But they’re a great option for digital products or services.

If you want to offer a free trial to potential customers in order to increase online sales, check out the following posts:

inrease online sales

#6 - Create a Customer Loyalty Program

Who’s more likely to buy from you? Someone who’s already bought from you or someone who’s never bought from you before? 

Hopefully, the answer is obvious: someone who’s already bought from you.

So instead of continually trying to sell to new customers, why not try to sell to previous customers? 

One way to do that is by creating a customer loyalty program in which customers get rewarded for their repeat business. 

That way, both you and the customer benefit – you with increased online sales and the customer with whatever reward you decide to give them.

If you’re ready to create a customer loyalty program to increase online sales, check out the following articles:

#7 - Sell to Existing or Prior Customers

As I mentioned in strategy #6, prior customers are more likely to buy from you than people who have never been your customer. 

Creating a loyalty program is one way to sell more to your prior customers. 

But you can also sell directly to past customers without using a loyalty program.

Selling to your existing customers can either be done at the point of initial purchase or after they’ve been a customer for a while. 

You can either sell them a related product or service (what is known as a cross-sell) or a larger product or service than their initial purchase (upsell).

These post can help you get started with Upsells and Cross-Sells:

Recommended Tool: My recommended tool for creating upsells and cross-sells is Selz. (affiliate link). I’ve used these features myself and they’re very easy to set up. 

#8 - Use Urgency or Scarcity

Let’s face it. Lots of people won’t make a decision about your product or service until you give them no other choice. 

Instead, they’ll think and think and think. And never get off the fence. 

So you have to force them to decide by creating a sense of urgency.

You can do this by either offering a deadline (after which the price will go up or the product will go away) or by limiting the number of items available.

Just make sure that the urgency that you create is real. Few things are more annoying than seeing the same countdown timer every time you visit a webpage.

Check out these posts on how creating a sense of urgency can increase online sales:

Recommended Tool: My recommended tool for creating urgency is Deadline Funnel. (affiliate link). Deadline Funnel is one of the few tools that allows you to create true urgency for your products or services. 

27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

#9 - Abandoned Cart Recovery

Have you ever done this? Put an item in an online shopping cart but never completed the order. 

I know that I have. Lots and lots and lots of time.

The truth is that it happens all the time. People who are about to buy something from you get distracted or change their minds.

But since they were that close to buying from you, they still represent a great selling opportunity. 

So why not try to convince them to finish the checkout process?

The following posts can help you implement a cart abandonment strategy to increase online sales:

Recommended Tool: My recommended tool for recovering adandonded carts is Selz. (affiliate link). Selz is an online selling platform that’s easy to set up and has lots of powerful features. 

#10 - Send More Emails

Too many businesses are afraid that they’ll piss people off if they send “too many” emails. 

And they’re right. Some people won’t like it and they’ll unsubscribe.

The problem is that these businesses end up sending too few emails. Which is also a problem.

Let’s do some math. 

Your most engaged readers will open about 50% of your emails. And they’ll probably read about 50% of those. 

This means that if you email once a week (as many businesses do), they’ll only read one email a month from you.

And those are your most engaged readers! 

Your less engaged readers will read less than one email a month from you. Which simply isn’t enough to build up trust for them to buy from you.

The solution is to send more emails. 

That way you’re building up trust faster for when you want to make a sale to someone. 

And don’t worry about pissing people off. 

If you’re sending them quality content, you can write to them every single day and they won’t mind. In fact, they’ll look forward to getting your emails!

Check out the following posts for more information:

Recommended Tool: No matter how many emails you send, I recommend using ActiveCampaign (affiliate link) for all your email marketing. Lots of powerful features at an affordable price! 

#11 - Improve Your Sales Copy

If you told someone: “Buy my product (or service). It’ll help you. Trust me” how do you think they’d respond?

The answer is obvious – they’d walk away and you’d lose your opportunity to sell to them.

Instead, you have to convince them, you have to persuade them that your product or service can help them. And that it’s worth spending their money on.

  • You have to paint a picture in someone’s mind of how your product or service can help them. 
  • You have to help them visualize how their life will be different once they have access to your product or service. 
  • And you have to overcome the objections that the person has to your product or service.

This is where sales copy comes in. 

If you can afford to hire a copywriter, then, by all means, do so. You’ll save time since you won’t have to do it yourself. 

More importantly, a great copywriter can earn you back 10-100x the investment in increased online sales. 

If you decide to hire a copywriter, then check out these posts:

If you can’t afford to hire a copywriter, then you’ll need to learn yourself. The following posts can get you started:

increase online sales

#12 - Provide More Payment Options

This way to increase online sales may seem obvious. 

Let’s say you only offer one payment option to your potential customers.  

Unfortunately, some of your potential customers won’t like that payment option.  Or they won’t be able to use it for some reason (for example, maybe the option doesn’t work in their country).

The solution is to offer multiple payment options. 

You don’t want to overwhelm people with too many choices. But make sure you offer at least 2-4 payment options.

You can read more here:

#13 - Add Free Bonuses or Incentives

Adding free bonuses or incentives to what you’re selling is a great way to increase online sales. The options for what you can add as an incentive are endless.

Here are some examples:

  • Free shipping
  • One-on-one coaching call
  • In-Person Event or Retreat
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group
  • Webinar recording
  • Free guide or PDF

Those are just some ideas. 

What’s important is that your bonus is 

  1. related to what you’re selling
  2. desirable to your potential customers
  3. of less monetary value than the item you’re selling (otherwise, you may end up losing money!)

If you want to learn more about using bonuses to increase online sales, check out these posts:

#14 - Offer Coupons or Discounts

Offering coupons or discounts is another obvious way to increase online sales. 

Of course, you have to be careful. If you offer coupons or discounts too often, you condition potential customers to only buy from you when you offer a discount.

If you want to try using coupons or discounts to increase online sales, check out these posts:

Recommended Tool: If you want to try using Pay What You Want for your products or services, then check out Selz (affiliate link). I’ve used their Pay What You Want feature to sell an online course and it worked perfectly. 

Get a Free PDF of the 27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

Includes all the tips + links to additional resource to help you increase online sales.

Get a Free PDF of the 27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

Includes all the tips + links to additional resource to help you increase online sales.

27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

#15 - Include a FAQ Section

Most potential customers will have questions about your product or service before they hand over your credit card. 

Having a FAQ section where common questions are already answered helps in a few different ways:

  1. You don’t waste time answering the same questions over and over again
  2. Your potential customer can get an answer immediately (otherwise they may leave your website and never come back).

So what questions do you answer in your FAQ section? 

If you already have a lot of customers, you should answer the questions that they tend to ask before buying from you. 

If you don’t have many customers, then you can check what your competitors include in their FAQs. 

Check out the following posts on how to write your FAQ:

#16 - Ask for Referrals

If you’re in a service-based business, then referrals from your current or past customers are one of the best ways to get new customers.

The great thing about asking for referrals is that people tend to know people who are like them (and who have similar problems). 

Referrals can work so well that there are service-based providers who fill 90%+ of their calendar solely through referrals.

If you need help asking for referrals, then check out the following articles:

#17 - Offer a Payment Plan

If you sell high-ticket items, then offering a payment plan is a sure-fire way to increase online sales. 

After all, not everyone has the money (or room on their credit card) to pay the full price all at once. 

By spreading the payments over several months, more people will be able to buy from you. 

And you can normally charge a little extra for the convenience of offering a payment plan.

Check out these posts for more information:

increase online sales

#18 - Experiment with Your Prices

Figuring out how much to charge for your product or service is hard. 

Charge too much and people will think you’re crazy. Charge too little and people will think there’s something wrong with what you’re offering.

Ultimately, you’re looking for the “sweet spot” where the perceived value of what you’re offering matches the price you’re charging. 

But how to find that? Here are a couple of ways:

  • Survey people who are interested in your product or service and ask them how much they’re willing to pay. Then take the mean or the median of the answers.
  • Run an A/B test of your price on your sales page and see which one leads to more revenue. Keep repeating until you find the “right” price to charge.
  • Try Pay What You Want pricing. Allowing the customer to decide what to pay, in some cases, has been shown to lead to an increase in online sales and revenues.

These two posts can help you with your pricing strategy:

And if you want to try Pay What You Want pricing, Tom Morkes has a whole list of resources that you help you:

Recommended Tool: For creating coupons or discounts, make sure to check out Selz, (affiliate link) my recommended online selling platform.

#19 - Send SMS or Facebook Reminders

Email is still the best medium for sending your marketing and promotional messages. 

But what happens when you have a special offer that’s running out soon?

You can send an email if you want. But it’s not the best method when you need someone’s attention RIGHT NOW!

That’s where SMS and Facebook messaging comes in. 

People are much more likely to respond “in the moment” via SMS or FB then they are via email.

Of course, to implement this strategy, you’ll need to collect your customer’s cell phone number or FB information. 

Not everyone will give you that information. But some people will. 

When you have a sale or offer that’s ending soon, you can send those people a quick message letting them know. They’ll be much more likely to take action than if you send them an email.

Check out the links below for more information on how to use this strategy to increase online sales:

These two posts can help you with SMS marketing:

And these can help with you Facebook Messenger marketing:

#20 - Treat Your Current Customers Like Gold

No matter if you have 1 customer or if you have 50,000 customers, you should treat them like gold. 

Provide them with world-class customer service. Give them an unexpected bonus from time to time. Let them know how much they mean to you.

If you treat your current customers like gold, you’ll be set up to ask them for referrals. In fact, you probably won’t need to even ask. 

  • They’ll start telling their friends and family about you without you even asking.
  • They’ll say nice things about you on social media.
  • They’ll provide you with testimonials and write positive reviews about you on review sites.

And not only will they send you referrals. They’ll buy more from you and stay a customer for longer. All of which will increase your online sales. 

Here are a few articles on the subject if you want to improve your customer service:

Increase Online Sales

#21 - Simplify Your Checkout Process

Earlier I mentioned that potential customers sometimes fail to complete the checkout process (aka cart abandonment). 

One reason that customers leave your website without buying is that your checkout process is too complex. 

So they give up before finishing the process. 

This is particularly true for mobile. 

So all you have to do is simplify your checkout process. 

And voila!!! You’ll have increased online sales!

Check out these post for how to design your checkout process to increase online sales:

#22 - Reduce the Number of Choices

We often think that the more choices we offer someone, the more likely they are to buy from us. In fact, the opposite is true. 

More choices lead to analysis paralysis. Which increases the chances that someone will walk away without buying.

There’s LOTS of social science research to back this up. Barry Schwartz wrote a whole book about it called “The Paradox of Choice”.

So reduce the number of choices that you offer your customers. 

For example, if you’re a service provider, you could offer fewer plans. 

Or, if you have an eCommerce store, make sure that customers can easily narrow down their options by clicking on a few buttons. 

Whatever you do, don’t overwhelm your potential customers with too many choices or you’ll lose sales. 

Check out the following posts for more information on reducing choices:

#23 - Utilize Live Chat

We live in a NOW world. 

Which means that customers want answers to their questions immediately. They don’t want to wait. 

If they have to wait, they may walk away and never come back.

And while you can include a FAQ section on your sales page, you can’t anticipate every question a potential customer might have. 

Which is where live chat comes in. 

If you have live chat installed on your sales page, you can respond to questions immediately and close the sale.

Check out these posts on how to use live chat to increase online sales:


#24 - Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Program

Why do all the hard work yourself? Why not get other people to sell for you? 

That’s where affiliate marketing comes in.

With an affiliate marketing program, people will sign up for your affiliate program. They’ll then sell your product or service in return for a commission (normally 20-50% of the sale price).

The great thing about an affiliate marketing program is that your affiliates can reach a much larger audience than what you can reach on your own. 

Sure, you’ll have to pay them a commission. But you’ll more than makeup for that in increased online sales.

These posts can help you set up an affiliate program to increase online sales:

#25 - Include Social Proof Signals

People want to know that they’re making a good decision when they hit the buy button. 

And few people like to go first. 

They want to know that others have bought the same product or service. And that they’re satisfied with their purchase. 

Which is where social proof signals come in.

  • Social proof signals could be reviews or testimonials. 
  • They could be logos of other businesses that you’ve worked with. 
  • They could be real-time stats of people who have recently bought a particular product or service. 

Whatever you can use to show that others have already made the same purchase decision. 

These posts provide more information on how to use social proof signals to increase online sales :

#26 - Use Video Whenever You Can

Video is king. Is there any doubt about that? 

People love watching videos. And videos can create a personal connection where words simply can’t. 

So use video in your business whenever you can.

Here are some ways to incorporate video in order to increase online sales:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Product demonstrations
  • Webinars or live streams that demonstrate your expertise
  • Explanation of your business and what you do

The following links give more information about how you can use video in your business to increase online sales:

Recommended Tool: My favorite video marketing tool is Dubb, (affiliate link) which you can use to send personalized video messages along with a call-to-action. Check out my full review of Dubb here. 

27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

#27 - Include Trust Badges

A trust badge (aka trust seal) is a logo or a symbol from a third party that ensures that you follow best practices related to security and/or privacy. 

Displaying a trust badge on your checkout page allows customers to buy from you with confidence. The trust badge tells them that you will keep their information is secure. 

This is particularly important nowadays given all the issues with data theft.

More and more consumers are going to buy exclusively from businesses that they know will keep their information secure. 

So why not make your company stand out from the competition by displaying trust badges on your checkout page?

Check out the following posts on how trust badges can help you increase online sales:

Get a Free PDF of the 27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

Includes all the tips + links to additional resource to help you increase online sales.

Get a Free PDF of the 27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales

Includes all the tips + links to additional resource to help you increase online sales.

Bonus Tips

In addition to the 27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales, I have 7 bonus tips that can also help you increase online sales. 

1) Make It Easy for People to Contact You
Few things are more frustrating than wanting to contact a business. 

And not being able to find their contact information anywhere on their website. Or having to click through a series of screens to find the information.

Meanwhile, live chat is great. But few businesses can afford to invest in 24/7 live chat. 

So make your contact information easily accessible throughout your website. And break it down by person or department if needed.

Not only will potential customers be able to contact you when they have a question, 

You also build trust by showing that you have nothing to hide. And that you want to interact with potential customers.

2) Start by selling something small
There’s a common compliance tactic known as the “foot-in.the-door” technique. 

The idea is that you try to get someone to agree to a large request by having them agree to a modest request first.

So if you’re having problems getting people to buy your high-ticket items, try offering them a lower-cost item or service first. 

This will help build trust with customers. And set you up to sell them higher ticket items in the future.

3) Create Honest Product Comparisons
Help potential customers cut through all online noise by showing how your product or service compares to the competition. 

Just make sure that your comparison is as honest as possible. 

If your competition is better in some way, acknowledge it. Customers will appreciate your honesty.

Trust me on this. People hate it when you claim that your product or service is superior in every single way. 

Let people know where you fall short. But also highlight where you come out ahead.

4) Continually Improve Your Product or Service
If you’re gathering feedback from your customers, make sure you use that information to continually improve your products and services.

Not only will you be able to sell more to your current customers. You’ll also be better positioned to sell to new people. 

And as you improve your product or service, you can also raise your prices. Which means that you’ll increase your revenue along with your sales. 

5) Don’t Forget Customers as Soon as They Pay
If you plan on selling more to your current customers, then don’t ignore them as soon as they buy from you. Make sure that you continually nurture that connection.

  • Reach out to them and ask them if they need any help with your product or service. 
  • Send them a small, unexpected bonus. 
  • Send them an exclusive coupon for their next purchase.

That way your customers will know that you don’t take their business for granted. And they’ll be more willing to buy from you again in the future.

6) A “No” Now Isn’t a “No” Forever
Just because someone doesn’t buy from you right now, doesn’t mean that they won’t buy from you in the future. 

Don’t overdo it. But keep trying to sell to them.

And while you’re waiting for them to eventually buy from you, continue to send them valuable information. 

That way, they’ll have you in mind when they’re finally ready to make a purchase.

7) Respond to Negative Comments Without Getting Defensive
At some point, someone will make a negative comment about you or your business. 

They might make it to you directly. Or they may make it on a review site.

Either way, make sure that you respond without getting defensive. 

You don’t have to agree with their criticism. 

But make sure that you acknowledge what they’re feeling. Acknowledge any mistakes you might have made. And rectify the situation as best as you can.

Even if you can’t completely repair the situation with that person, you will build trust with other potential customers by taking the high road. Which will ultimately increase your online sales.

Now It's Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed the 27 Simple Ways to Increase Online Sales.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which strategy are you going to try first to increase your online sales?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

And don’t forget to download your free copy of the 27 simple ways to increase online sales!

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