I Will Not Be Silent

This is not a blog post that I was planning on writing.

And yet, everything changed on the evening of November 9th.

Tuesday evening.

The night of the US election.

While watching the results come in, a friend of mine wrote on Facebook “my heart hurts”.

I knew what he meant.

My heart was hurting too. My heart IS hurting.

I’ve gone through a range of emotions in the past 24+ hours: hurt, anger, despair, fear, shock.

And reading the reactions of most of my friends on FB, I’m not alone in how I’m feeling.

Most of them are feeling the same as I am.

And if there is one predominant feeling, that feeling is fear.

Fear of what the future will hold under a Trump presidency.

Fear that much of the progress in rights and protections for minorities, women, and disabled people will be rolled back.

Fear that environmental legislation and climate change treaties will be discarded.

Fear that our already inadequate safety net for our most vulnerable citizens will be permanently shredded.

I look around and I see much of what I value and hold dear threatened and under attack.

And I will not be silent.

I will continue to speak up for all that I believe in.

I will continue to speak up for values such as tolerance, love, acceptance, equal rights, and diversity.

I will continue to fight for and advocate for the rights of women.

I will continue to fight for and advocate for the rights of minorities.

I will continue to fight for and advocate for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons.

I will continue to fight for and advocate for the rights of the disabled.

I will continue to fight for and advocate for strong environmental protections.

I will continue to fight for a strong safety net for the most vulnerable people in the US.

I will not be silenced. If anything I will be MORE outspoken about everything that I value and hold dear.

I want to state that I absolutely and categorically reject the vision for the US and the world that Donald Trump put forth during his campaign. (which does not mean that I 100% accept the vision put forth by Hillary Clinton).

And by the way, I also absolutely and categorically reject the vision of “manhood and masculinity” put forth by Donald Trump.

So why am I telling you all this? What does this have to do with the sort of blog posts that I normally write?

In my darker moments of the past 24+ hours, I began to question the value of the work that I do.

What value is there in helping people find meaningful, purposeful work when I see such large problems in the future?

When I see people I care about losing rights and protections, when I see people losing their health insurance, when I see environmental destruction, etc.

Isn’t there most important work that I could be doing?

But yesterday, I had an epiphany.

I realized that the work that I do actually has MORE value than it did before.

And that if you share a similar world vision as I do – a vision rooted in liberal and progressive values and principles such as tolerance, love, acceptance, equal rights, and diversity – then the world needs you more than ever!!!

The world needs you to have a purposeful, meaningful career – a career that lets you have a powerful and positive impact on the world.

That career can take many different forms and varieties but if you’re not currently in a purposeful career…then there is no longer time to wait and put things off.

The world needs you NOW.

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