How To Live The Life You Want To Live

A friend of mine died a few years ago in his early 60s. 

His name was John Parente and I still remember our final conversation.

We both knew that he was dying and that this would be the final time that we talked.

There was one thing that John said to me during that conversation that really struck me and that has stayed with me in the subsequent years.

He told me that it didn’t bother him that he was dying young because he had lived exactly the life that he wanted to live.

In reflecting back on John’s life, I think there were two main reasons why he was able to say this at the end of his life.

How To Live The Life You Want To Live

1. Simplify Your Life

John’s life was about three main things: art, connection, and spirituality. 

If I had to guess, 70-90% of his energy was directed to these things in one form or another.

The challenge that most of us face is that we overcomplicate our lives and make them about 10 or 20 different things. 

When we do that, our energy is less focused and we waste a lot of time on activities that really aren’t important to us. 

And then we look back and feel that we wasted our lives.

Instead, my suggestion is to figure out the two or three or four essential things that matter to you the most. 

And then center your life around those things. 

Put 70-90% of your energy into the things that matter the most to you. 

And let the rest go.

2. Center Your Life on Things That Truly Matter

The second key to living exactly the life you want to live is to center your life around things that truly, truly matter. 

When you pick your two or three or four things, make sure that they’re things that truly matter. 

As I mentioned, for my friend John, those three things were art, connection, and spirituality. 

I think most of us would agree that those are important things.

On the other hand, I think most of us would agree that watching TV isn’t particularly important. 

That’s not to say that you can’t watch television, just that it probably shouldn’t be one of the things that you build your life around.


Learn from my friend John Parente and live the life you want to live. 

Figure out the few things that are the most important to you and then center your life around them. 

And make sure they’re things that truly matter. 

Believe it or not, it really is that simple!

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