How to Figure Out What to Do With Your Life

Are you struggling to figure out what to do with your life?

Do you feel trapped at your current job since it provides the security of a paycheck? All the while wondering “Is this all there is?”

Or perhaps you’re going through a major life transition and feel confused about what path to take in life?

If you’re experiencing any of those situations, believe me, I know exactly how you’re feeling!

I know firsthand the frustration, the anxiety, the stress, from being stuck in those types of situations.

Because that’s how I lived for many years.

I spent years working jobs I hated because I was too scared to make a change. 

And because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

Instead I made safe choices, choices that didn’t get me close achieving my dreams.

And so I wasted many years of my life.

Years that I can never, ever get back.

And now here you are.

Feeling stuck, uncertain, confused about how to figure out what to do with your life.

And so I’m going to share something with you, a question that I think can help you.

This is a question that I use with a lot of my clients.

Try it and see if it helps you figure out what you want to do with your life.

Choice and decisions: businessman thinking with question marks written on adhesive notes stuck to a brick wall

How To Figure Out What To Do With Your Life

Here is the question that I want you to think about.

What would I do with my life if I only had 5 to 10 years left to live?

This is NOT an easy question to answer.

It is NOT a question to take lightly.

And you do NOT want to rush your answer to this question.

This is a question that you want to spend time with – journaling about your answer, or meditating on it, or simply contemplating it.

Whatever works best for you.

Embrace the idea that you have somewhere between 5 to 10 years left to live.

And then spend as much time as you need to with the question, even if it takes you a month or longer to answer it.

At the same time, remember that you’re not going for a perfect answer.

You’re going for an answer that will get you moving forward towards a future that’s better than your present.

The value of this question is that it forces you to focus on what truly matters most to you.

Five to 10 years is enough time that you can do something of value with your life but not so much time that you can afford to waste it.

It gives you enough time to do one, maybe two important things with your life.

But no more.

Think about what you could do with 5 to 10 years.

  • You could write that novel that you’ve been putting off for the past decade.
  • You could finally go back to school and get that degree that you always wanted.
  • You could start that non-profit and create a positive legacy with your life.

(These are just examples, of course. What you would chose to do if you only had 5 to 10 years left is uniquely yours.)

And in order to complete those one or two important things, you don’t have time to waste on things that don’t matter to you. Or to wait to get started.

Not with only 5 to 10 years left to live.

Once you have an answer that works for YOU, start taking action on it TODAY.

Because no matter how much time you think you have left, none of us really knows.

Maybe you really do only have 5 to 10 years left to live…

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. The wealth of life is obtained in the things you experience and accomplish….people, family and life choices are of the most value!

  2. Really I just found out I have cancer and about ten years to live! To be frank only u gave made sense travel and visit love ones ! Plan funeral write eulogy fuck that ! I want to live while I can embrace everything while I still can ! Live dance laugh and fuck get over yourself life is short and my days are numbered so look out world I can’t to get started!!!;

    1. Sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis. But I’m glad to hear that you still have 10 amazing years in front of you!!! Make the best of them, my friend!!!

  3. I don’t believe that endulging all your desires leads to anything useful except becoming bound to yourself. What is far more rewarding is to seek out to help others in whatever way you would find enjoyable. If one likes gardening one could volunteer to maintain a town garden, all that would look at it will enjoy it and you have touched their heart and happinesses causing you more joy. There are more opportunities out there than you can imagine. For myself as I fight cancer with a low mortality probability I volunteer at a monastery and also enjoy the peaceful environment. The visitors I meet keep me in touch with others and helps break down feelings of loneliness. The simple act of making them feel welcomed to the facility and if possible assist will reward you with great satisfaction.

    1. Thanks for you comment Hector. Perhaps my post gave you the wrong impression but I would never advocate that people only indulge their desires. I always advocate for a balance between pursuing what you want and doing something to better the world. See this post, for example:

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