Escaping the Conventional Life: A Podcast Interview

Nearly two years ago, I submitted a guest post to Elephant Journal.

It was the first time I had submitted a guest post to them and honestly I had no idea what to expect.

I knew nothing about their process for reveiwing guest posts or how long it would take them to make a decision.

A few days later I had my answer.

They loved the post and would be publishing it in a few days.

I was thrilled but still had no idea what to expect once the post was live on their website.

After all, Elephant Journal publishes a lot of posts every day and there was a chance that mine would slip through the cracks.

It didn’t.

The post ended up resonating with people in a way that I could have never imagined.

As I look at the post right now, almost two years later, it has 7,767 shares on social media and 49,313 page views.

I have no doubt that this post is by far the most popular post that I’ve ever written, either on my site or as a guest post.

One of the people that I got to know as a result of that post is Jackson Gage.

Jackson and I have been connected on FB ever since that post came out.

Yet we’ve never talked.

Until a couple of weeks ago.

Jackson recently started a podcast called “Increase Life” and I was thrilled that he invited me to be a guest on his show.

The conversation between us flowed and I’m grateful that Jackson asked me some tough questions that really pushed me to think (he didn’t send me the questions ahead of time so our conversation is 100% unscripted).

BTW, that guest post on Elephant Journal started out with the line “I never set out to lead an unconventional life”.

So perhaps not surprisingly, much of what Jackson and I talked about during the interview was how to escape the conventional life.

You can check out my interview with Jackson by clicking on the link below:

Escaping the Conventional Life with Ed Herzog.

BTW, if you’re interested in reading the guest post on Elephant Journal that I mentioned, I’m not going to link to it here.

Jackson has a link to it on his website. So go there first, listen to the interview, and then check out the Elephant Journal article.

BTW, if you’re not already connected with Jackson, he’s someone that I personally recommend (which is not something that I do with many people).

After you’ve listened to the podcast interview, make sure to sign up for updates on his website or connect with him on FB.

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