Elementor Popup Builder: Review and Demo

Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress, with over 2 million active installations. 

In January of 2019, they released their long awaited Elementor Popup Builder as part of the Pro version of Elementor. 

Before the release of the Popup Builder, anyone using Elementor needed to use a 3rd-party solution to have popups on their website. 

With the release of the Elementor Popup Builder, people who purchase the pro version of Elementor can create popups directly inside of Elementor. 

And not just popups, but Hello Bars, Bottom Bars, Fly-Ins, Full Screen takeovers, and Slide-Ins. 

And for those that don’t like popups, you can trigger by a link or button click.

But is it worth upgrading to the Pro version of Elementor to get access to the Elementor Popup Builder? 

And how does the Popup Builder compare to similar products? 

Check out my full Elementor Popup Builder review and demo to find out the answers to these questions and more. 

Elementor Popup Builder: Review and Demo


  • Integrated directly into Elementor which means that you can use all the design features and widgets of Elementor and Elementor Pro to create your popups.
  •  Unlike some other solutions that run on javascript and might slow down your website, the Elementor Popup Builder won’t affect your website load time.
  • You can use dynamic data to display custom data for your popups. For example, displaying a flash sale on a product that the person is currently viewing. 
  • The Elementor Popup Builder integrates with all the major mailing services such as Active Campaign, MailChimp, Drip, MailerLite, and many, many more. 
  • Using a combination of conditions, triggers, and advanced rules, you can display the exact popup you want, when you want to, and to who you want.  
  • You might save money by paying for one solution (Elementor Pro) rather than more than one (Elementor + a third party popup builder). 


  • The biggest con by far of the Elementor Popup Builder is that it does not include any analytics. This means that you have no idea what percentage of site visitors are taking action on your popups.
  • Because there are no analytics, there is also no option to do split-testing. Without analytics, it’s impossible to do split-testing since there’s no way to know how the various popups are performing relative to one another.
  • There are no two-stage popups available, where a visitor first clicks on a button or link in a popup and in the second stage is presented with the optin form.   

BOTTOM LINE: Overall, the Elementor Popup Builder is one of the best popup solutions available today. 

If you use Elementor and can live without analytics, then you should definitely consider using it. 

Of course, you also receive all the other benefits and features of Elementor Pro, such as additional widgets, templates and blocks, theme builder, WooCommerce builder, and customer support. 

BUY NOW: If you’re ready to buy Elementor Pro and get access to the Popup Builder, just click here.

(please note: This is an affiliate link. If you buy through this link, I will receive a small commission. This will help support my business and allow me to continue making demo and review videos. You will not pay a single penny extra if you buy via my link. Thanks for you support!)

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