Want My Help Discovering and Living Your Life Purpose?

I’m glad you’re interested in my help! 

In my opinion, few things are as important as discovering and living your life purpose. 

And nothing can speed up the process like working with a trained professional.

The first step to us working together is for you to apply for a complimentary discovery session. 

Here’s what will happen during your discovery session:

  • We'll do a deep dive into your biggest challenges and struggles.
  • I'll answer any questions you have about my coaching services.
  • We'll mutually decide if we want to work together.

How you will benefit:

Regardless of whether we decide to work together, my goal is for you to come away from your discovery session with insight, clarity, and a renewed sense of direction.

How to apply:

Just fill out the application below. I’ll review your application within 24 hours. If it seems like we’d be a good fit to work together, I’ll send you a link to my online calendar. You can then choose the date and times that works best for you!


Here's How Some Of My Clients Describe Working With Me...

Ed has been kind, supportive and non-judgmental, making working together an absolute pleasure and something I have looked forward to on a weekly basis.

Ed’s laid-back and accepting approach, make him wonderfully easy to talk with. His follow-through has been consistent and helpful, always offering useful recommendations and resources to support me in reaching my goals. My work with Ed has been a wonderful experience and I recommend him wholeheartedly as a coach as well as an individual.
Paula Hirschhorn

Ed helped to clarify what is important to me, and I will definitely be moving in the direction that he helped me to identify.

Before my coaching with Ed, I was struggling with questions about what to do next in my career, and how I can move in the direction of a career that will allow me time for the things that I value most in life: family, health and relationships. I was also looking for a way to find out what my passions are – how to identify them, cultivate them and incorporate them into the next step in my career. Thank you again Ed!!!
James McClure

Ed, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you these past six months, and participating in transformational work together.

You have a contagious spirit and a heart-centered approach to coaching, and you’ve definitely made a positive impact in my life path, for which I am very grateful!
Bethany Perron
Bethany Perron

Coaching helped me to build my confidence, and also encouraged me to stay true to myself.

I’ve been lucky enough to find a dream job in a great place.I am extremely optimistic about the direction my career and life is headed in now, and am thankful to Ed for encouraging me to pursue my dreams.
Rachel Harvey

Working with Ed has been a very positively empowering experience.

Ed has a very gentle and goal oriented style. Ed’s approach always involved tailoring each session to fit my needs at the time. I would always be in charge of my own progress. I learned about my limits as I worked on accomplishing my goals for the week. Ed’s support and accountability buddy system along with follow up action plans, have set me on the right path.
Yelena Galperina

Ed helped me look at my work prospects in a larger context than what I’d been considering on my own.

His questions showed me new areas that I could focus on in preparing for a job change. It was like rearranging the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that I hadn’t been able to place yet: suddenly it was a lot easier to see where things fit, or at least which section they belonged in.
Danielle Barriga
Danielle Barriga

You gently steered me through a series of issues I’ve been trying to figure out for several months.

I realized that I do, in fact, have priorities that are important and that I’m not willing to sacrifice.
Bobbi Hartwell
Bobbi Hartwell

Before working with Ed, I was struggling to properly balance the three major areas of family life, work life and side business.

Ed helped me gain clarity on prioritization while excelling at all three!
Jeff Gates
Jeff Gates

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