How To Create A Powerful Legacy

Recently I was searching for information online about a friend of mine who I lost touch with about a decade ago.

Pam and I went to psychology graduate school together in the early nineties and stayed in touch for a few years after that.

But in those pre-Facebook days it was easy to lose touch with people, and Pam and I eventually drifted apart.

Curious about what my friend was up to, I typed her name into Google.

Imagine my shock when I found her obituary.

It turns out that she had died three years ago from colon cancer at the still young age of forty-four.

Even though Pam and I lost touch a long time ago, learning about her death hit me hard. Months later, I’m still shocked that she’s no longer with us.

Pam’s death was also a wake-up call for me.

As a gift to future generations, I want to use my life to create a powerful legacy and to make a positive contribution to the world.

Yet, up to this point in my life, I haven’t taken intentional actions that will create the type of legacy that I want.

And while I hope to live for at least another forty years, the date of my death is outside of my control. Like my friend, I could die at any time.

But no matter how many or how few years I have left, I absolutely have the ability to positively impact the world and touch lives far into the future. And so do you!

The truth is that we create legacies with every single action that we take.

The question we need to ask is whether or not were taking intentional actions to create the type of legacy that we want to create.

After much reflection, I came up with the following seven ideas for how I plan on building a powerful legacy with my life.

I hope that they inspire you to do the same and without needing the wake-up call that I received.

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