You were born to change the world, not just add to the noise

The other day I was walking home from a coffee shop.

I was about to enter a park near my apartment, when I noticed a women by the entrance.

She was sorting through the garbage, looking for anything useful that she could sell.

People like her are quite common in Bogota, Colombia where I live.

They provide a valuable service, in my opinion, reducing the amount of garbage that goes into the landfills.

But let’s be honest here.

No one wants a job like that.

No one wants to spend their life scrounging through the garbage, hoping to find a few things that you can sell, just so you can put food on the table.

And then having to do the same thing the next day.

And the next, and the next, and the next.

There’s no future in it, no potential for advancement, and definitely no escape from the grinding poverty that goes along with it. 

As I passed by the woman, our eyes locked for a moment and I couldn’t help but wonder about her.

Who was she and how did she end up in this awful position?

What were her hopes and dreams when she was a child?

How does she feel about her life and what she has to do just to survive?

Now, I told you that story for a reason: to set up the contrast, the contrast between your life and hers. 

Unlike that woman you actually do have choices and opportunities and options.

Choices and opportunities and options far, far, far beyond anything that woman has in her life.

But the question is this: Are you actually taking advantage of those choices, opportunities and options?

Or are you just going through the motions, doing what you have to in order to get by?

There’s a great quote from the movie The Glass Castle, delivered by Woody Harrelson to his daughter:

You were born to change the world, not just add to the noise.

The same applies to you.

You were born to change the world, not just add to the noise.

But which are you doing?

The sad truth is that most of us add to the noise.

When we could be changing the world.

I remember when I used to work for the US Government.

I lived about a mile from work so when the weather was nice I would walk.

Along the way, I would stop at an overpass and watch the hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of cars whizzing by below. 

And I’d wonder where they were going, how may of them were going somewhere to do something that actually mattered.

Most of them I suspect were adding to the noise (just like me!).

Very, very, very few of them were going somewhere to change the world.

And so I come back to the women by the park.

You have so many more choices, opportunities, and options in life than she has.

You CAN change the world instead of adding to the noise.

And you owe it not just to yourself but to that woman by the park.

You can do things with your life that she’ll never be able to.

So don’t let the opportunity pass you by: change the world and stop adding to the noise…

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