August 2019 Income Report

After a good start to my affiliate marketing business ($291.63 in the month of July), how did I do in the second month? 

Did my income go up, down, or stay the same?

Check out this month’s income report to find out!!!


AppSumo - $577.50

I continue to focus on promoting products that are offered via AppSumo

And June was a VERY good month for the AppSumo part of my business. (June sales are paid out at the end of August which is why they’re included in the August income report). 

After selling $1,491 of products via AppSumo in May, I sold more than double that in June ($3,174). 

Because of AppSumo’s tiered commission structure in which you earn higher commissions the more you sell, my income from AppSumo nearly tripled from the month before (from $207.03 to $577.50). 

Other - $0

I’ve made some attempts to promote non-AppSumo products but so far to no avail. 

For example, I’ve made a couple of videos about Elementor. 

I’ve also put together a list of recommended tools for growing your online on my website. 

But at this point, those haven’t resulted in any sales. 

Total - $577.50

A definite improvement over what I made in my first month of affiliate marketing! 

I’m enjoying this journey and hope that it can become sustainable within the next 6-12 months. 


Given the relatively low commission rate paid by AppSumo, I’m going to continue to promoting non-AppSumo products. 

I also believe that it’s not a good idea to tie myself to just one product/company since that puts me 100% at their mercy. 

Much better to diversify so that I have more control over my business.

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