A Powerful Way to Discover Your Life’s Work

Are you trying to discover your life’s work?

Do you wonder why you’re here, what your purpose is?

If so, then I want to share a powerful way to discover your life’s work.

First though, I want to tell you about my wife.

My wife rescues street dogs and cats in Bogota, Colombia, a city with an estimated one million street animals.

Over the years she’s rescued nearly 200 animals from a life of misery on the streets of Bogota.

When she rescues an animal, she’ll first take it to the vet so it can get the medical attention that it needs.

Once the animal recuperates, she’ll begin the long process of looking for someone to adopt it, a process that can sometimes take several months.

In the meantime, she has to pay for food and housing for the animal.

While she sometimes receives donations to support her work, she pays most of the cost of rescuing an animal out of her own money.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this puts a considerable strain on my wife’s finances.

I want to make one thing clear: while my life loves animals she does NOT love rescuing street animals.

She would prefer that all animals already had a loving home.

She would prefer that she never had to rescue another animal in her life.

Rescuing street animals though is her life’s work.

Believe me when I say that she will NEVER stop doing it. 

So why does she do it?

Why does she continue to rescue street animals, despite the financial burden?

To find out why, you’ll need to check out the video below in which I share a powerful way to discover your life’s work. 

BTW, if you’re interested in supporting my wife’s dog and cat rescue, click the button below to visit her GoFundMe page. 

100% of donations go to save street animals in Bogota, Colombia.

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Can you explain the difference between life’s work and life’s purpose?

    I am sort of missing the connection between “despair”and life’s work.

    1. Hi Chris – Thanks for your comment/question.

      First off, I would say that life’s work and life’s purpose are definitely related so I wouldn’t worry too much about the difference between the two. Generally speaking though your life’s work is HOW you fulfill your purpose. So while you “may” only have one purpose in life, you have various ways in which you can fulfill that purpose. You can actually find your life’s work without knowing the underlying purpose that is motivating you to pursue that work.

      As for the connection between despair and life’s work, let me provide more examples that might help.

      *The woman who founded Mothers Against Drunk Driving did so because of the despair she felt over her own daughter dying in a car crash with a drunk driver
      *John Walsh, the founder of America’s Most Wanted, dedicated his life to capturing criminals because of the despair he felt from his own son’s murder.
      *A friend of mine started an award winning charter school in Oakland, CA that serves minority and low-income children. While I’m sure she loves children, I imagine she was also motivated by a sense of despair over the poor educational opportunities these children normally have.

      Does that help? Two points I would stress. This is ONE way to discover your life’s work. It is certainly not the only way. Also if the word despair doesn’t resonate with you, you can try substituting a different emotion such as pain or sadness.

  2. Hi Ed:. Are there 10 questions for discovering your work purpose? If so would you please send them to me? I already have the life purpose questions. Thanks Julie

    1. Hi Julie – There is just one set of purpose questions. :)

  3. There is a couple of things in life I wish to pursue but one I hold near and dear to me and that is homelessness. I want to find a way to help families find a home and making homes affordable. My only problem is I don’t know how to go about doing that or even where to start? Any advice will be truly helpful.

    1. Hi Sheena – Thanks for your comment/question. I would suggest you start by connecting with people who are doing work that is similar to what you are doing. Most people are willing to give you 30-60 minutes of their time to talk about what they do. You can call up local organizations or look for people via the internet and send them an email. Let them know what you’re interested in and ask for some of their time. Ask how they got their start, what advice they have for you, what you could do to help, etc. You can even do all this via email if it’s more comfortable for you! Hope this helps!!!

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