3 Excuses That Keep You From Living The Life You Want

This post is for all those people who are living a life out of alignment, who are living a life that’s not true to who they are deep inside.

If that describes your life then I have the deepest, deepest compassion for what you’re going through.

Because I know from first hand experience how disheartening that can be.

The following message may come off as a bit harsh but please know that I offer it with lots of love and with the sincerest hope that it inspires you to start making changes in your life.

A few weeks ago, I published a post in which I talked about my friend Michael and how his co-workers reacted when he decided to quit his stable well-paying job in order to find his own unique and authentic path in life.

If you read that post, then you know that Michael’s story was actually MY STORY.

I didn’t tell my full story in that post however.

The truth is that there have been three different times in my life where I’ve quit stable, well-paying jobs in order to forge my own path in life.

What I find most interesting is how people respond when I tell them my story.

What I hear in response are often excuses…excuses for why they can’t or won’t do the same.

And instead would prefer staying where they’re at, doing something they don’t love, doing something they don’t find meaningful, all the while dying inside.

I want to take a look at some of the common excuses that I hear and why I consider them to be excuses.

Excuse #1: I’m Not A Risk Taker

This is usually the first excuse I hear when I tell people my story of how I’ve quit 3 stable, well-paying jobs to live life on my terms.

They tell me “Hey, I’d love to do what you did but I’m not a risk-taker”.

And here’s my response:

You think I’m a risk taker??? Seriously???

Believe me, I’m incredibly, incredibly risk averse.

In fact, I consider myself one of the most risk averse people that I know.

I’m the type of person who double and triple checks things, the type of person who likes to have all their ducks in a row before making a decision.

Here’s the thing though.

In my opinion, I wasn’t taking a risk by quitting those jobs.

I was doing what I HAD to do.

I was dying inside and I knew that I needed to get out in order to save myself.

Honestly, if you’re not willing to take a risk in service of living a life that’s true to who you are, then what are you willing to risk?

And here’s something else I want you to think about…isn’t it one hell of a risk to spend your one wild and precious life doing something that you don’t find meaningful?

Isn’t that a MUCH BIGGER RISK than taking a chance and forging a new, authentic path for your life???

Excuse #2: I Don’t Know What I Want To Do With My Life

This is the second excuse that keeps people from living a life that’s true to who they are.

They say “Well, I know what I’m doing isn’t what I want but I’m not really sure what I DO want to do with my life”.

Look, I get it.

We live in a complicated, overwhelming world, with an infinite number of choices.

It can be hard to decide what path is right for you, what path is authentic and true to who you are.

I absolutely 100% understand that.

But here’s a thought….FIND SOMEONE TO HELP YOU!

There are lots of well-trained professionals out there who would love to help you figure out a career or life path that fits who you are inside.

Including me, by the way.

Of course, you can always try to figure things out on your own

Or you can wait around, hoping that someday you’ll have an epiphany.

I don’t really recommend either of those options though.

I’ve tried them both.

I tried figuring things out on my own which is one of the reasons why I had to quit 3 well paying jobs instead of just doing it once.

I also tried waiting around for an epiphany, only to finally realize that I’d probably be waiting around for a long, long time.

The far, far better option, in my opinion, is to find someone to help you figure things out and to speed up the process.

Excuse #3: I Can’t Afford Someone To Help Me

This is the 3rd excuse that I often hear from people after sharing my story.

They recognize that they need to make a major life change, they recognize that they need someone to help them, but they say “I really can’t afford to pay someone”.

Sorry, but in my opinion, that’s BS!

Here’s the thing…you find money to pay for the things that are important to you.

I’ve heard of people who started Go Fund Me campaigns so that they could work with a life or career coach.

I’ve heard of other people who borrowed money from friends or relatives.

Those are just two examples but I think you see my point.

If you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way to pay for it.


So how badly do you want to live an authentic, purposeful life?

How important is that to you?

Hopefully it’s worth a heck of a lot more than some of the things that you’re currently spending money on.

By the way, I’m not saying you can’t have nice things…but having nice things should NOT be more important than your single precious life.

Your life is by far the most important thing you have. Isn’t it worth investing in???

In my humble opinion, every single one of the excuses above is BS. (By the way, the list of excuses above is by no means complete. There are lots of others that people use.)

There’s absolutely nothing special about me, nothing special about how I quit 3 well-paying jobs in order to find an authentic path in life.

If I can do it, then I have absolutely zero doubt that YOU can do the same!

The question is…when are you going to stop making excuses, whether one of the ones above or a different excuse?

When are you going to start living a life that’s true to who you are, deep down inside?

If you’re not going to start today, then when are you going to start?

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