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Coaching helped me to build my confidence, and also encouraged me to stay true to myself. I’ve been lucky enough to find a dream job in a great place.I am extremely optimistic about the direction my career and life is headed in now, and am thankful to Ed for encouraging me to pursue my dreams.
rachel harvey
Rachel Harvey
Before my coaching with Ed, I was struggling with questions about what to do next in my career, and how I can move in the direction of a career that will allow me time for the things that I value most in life: family, health and relationships. I was also looking for a way to find out what my passions are – how to identify them, cultivate them and incorporate them into the next step in my career. Thank you again Ed!!!
James McCure
Ed helped me look at my work prospects in a larger context than what I’d been considering on my own. His questions showed me new areas that I could focus on in preparing for a job change. It was like rearranging the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that I hadn’t been able to place yet: suddenly it was a lot easier to see where things fit, or at least which section they belonged in.
Danielle Barriga
Danielle Barriga
Ed, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you these past six months, and participating in transformational work together. You have a contagious spirit and a heart-centered approach to coaching, and you’ve definitely made a positive impact in my life path, for which I am very grateful!
Bethany Perron
Bethany Perron

How I Can Help You

My mission is to help people stop playing safe and to start making the courageous decisions to live life fully, authentically, and fearlessly.

In more practical terms, I can help you:

*Discover and live your unique calling, purpose, or mission

*Find work that is deeply meaningful to you AND that serves a greater purpose

*Develop the courage to go after what you want in life and the resilience to bounce back from defeats

*Live your life from a space of deep integrity in which your decisions and choices reflect your most important values

*Find your voice, stand in your power, and speak your most important truths. 

*Take off your mask, get real, and be vulnerable so that you can live your life authentically

And here’s who I help:

I help people in the second half of life who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth, who are ready to take risks and embrace the unknown, and who want to live life true to who they are.

All in the service of living life fully, authentically, and fearlessly.

Hi, I'm Ed Herzog

My goal is to help you live a purposeful and meaningful life – one where you make courageous decisions to stand in your power and honor who you are deep inside.

My work (and life!) is inspired by people such as David Richo, Brene Brown, Mark Nepo, Tara Brach, James Hollis, Margie Warrell, Richard Rohr, Wayne Muller, and Pema Chodron.

Originally from the US, I’m now based in Bogota, Colombia where I live with my wife Sara and our three dogs.

My free time is spent playing volleyball, eating delicious vegetarian food, and exploring the land of Magic Realism!

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